The E-Future of Deodorant

ClickStick is a deodorant with a difference – it is electronic. The first of its kind, it is an environmentally-friendly gadget with a refillable applicator. There is a button on it that, when pressed by the user, pushes out the same amount of deodorant on every use (avoiding under- or over-usage and becoming a very customized device).

Designed by Princeton University PhD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering grad students Gilad Arwatz and Carla Bahri, the idea came about as the two felt that there had to be “a better way than turning the archaic knob that always reminded me of dial phones and old car windows.”

Another way of helping to preserve the environment is by ordering the “Green Green” reward featuring a refillable container and refill pouches.  This reduces up to 90% plastic waste.

They discovered and invented one. With the LED built in light for personalized color, a smartphone connection to remind one to keep themselves fresh daily and a score saving of how much plastic is no longer being wasted with the old applicators, ClickStick seems to potentially be the E-future of deodorant.

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