Be My Valentine? Take This Breath Test First

valentinesThere are a bunch of new and interesting gadgets that have arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day – the holiday of lovers. One of these is the breath test. Marketed as the Mint Breathometer, those looking for love just blow into it and are told by the Mint how many “volatile sulphur compounds” are currently housed in their mouth. A message is then sent to the smartphone indicating whether or not a mint is needed before a kiss is attempted. It is quite a steal at £99.

But one need not worry if the Mint Breathometer deems one “unkissable.” Thanks to the Japanese company Aldebaran Robotics, Pepper is a cool little guy featuring large blue eyes and is “all man.” A little pricey though, retailing at £1,120, one might be better off with some oral care and a visit to the hygienist to pass the Mint Breathometer test. Although this little guy is kinda cool, and will for sure do more than the real thing, laughing when you laugh, cheering you p with you frown. Now, how much would it cost to teach a real boyfriend all of that?

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