Gadgets to Keep Out the Winter Chills

igloveAs the winter months begin, figuring out a way to stay warm is crucial. Today, just like there are gadgets for everything else, so there are ones to keep warm.

First, there is the Gordini Stash Lite Touch Mitt, which is a pair of very lightweight mittens. The touch-screen strip on the fingertips and thumbs lets the user simply swipe the smartphone. One can use them for taking a picture or checking the weather. Lots of typing may prove somewhat inaccurate but for the basics it’s really great. And it’s especially good when it starts getting cold and your extremities are suffering.

There is also the iGlove which allows the user to talk through their hands! The Bluetooth talking gloves enables the user to talk while keeping their hand warm! There is a speaker that is sewn into the thumb and a microphone in the pinkie of the left hand glove. The glove comes in two sizes and features a battery, microphone and speaker.

Once at home and your gloves are off, what happens when you need the bathroom and it’s cold in there? The toilet seat warmer makes sure your behind doesn’t get cold. Or, you can go for the pajama warming pouch that makes your pjs warm before you are ready to get into them.

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