Panasonic’s Healthcare Services

on4todayThe latest device to be used in healthcare services via Panasonic is a used via a portal that pretty much everyone already has at least one of in their homes – the television. The new product – On4Today based on the tablet – is set to facilitate senior living communities.

Provided by Panasonic Corporation of North America, participants at the LeadingAge Annual Conference & Expo in Nashville, were able to view the merits of On4Today.

Residents of eldercare communities, through the product using a Wi-Fi connection, can manage their day to day activities. It features reminders, appointments, has video options for on line chat, as well as messaging options. This means family and loved ones can access the On4Today portal, to schedule appointments, keep up with new meds, etc. Thus enhanced communication will result between the elderly person in care and those around them.

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