Play Computer Games in Comfort and Style

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

When you’re playing your favorite computer game, wouldn’t it be even better to do it in style?  Now you can with the Ultimate Gaming Chair.  This lets you feel the game through the chair’s vibrations, as they are fully in sync with the actions in your game. Get totally plugged in while enjoying your game as you connect the chair to your stereo system and enjoy a complete surround sound system.  It also comes with 3D stereo speakers that can be adjusted for your personal taste, built in.

From steering wheels to custom controllers, you can fix practically anything to the chair – being the ultimate gaming chair.  No matter what gaming accessory you may have, it will fit with the chair perfectly. And of course, even when you’re not playing, you won’t want to leave your chair as it was designed with your ultimate comfort in mind.  With its grand leather upholstery and adjustable parts, you may even end up falling asleep for quite a while in it.  Oh, and why not use the massage feature just before you’re about to settle down for the night?  Yes, indeed, that is what the Ultimate Gaming Chair provides as well.

Extensive Compatibility

There are many game consoles that can be used with the chair, such as the PC, Mac, PS1, Xbox, Xbox Live, PS2 and Gamecube. So check it out and get gaming…in comfort and style and total relaxation.

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