Boogie On Down with the Boogie Board

Yes, there’s the iPad, the Kindle and all sorts of other tablets on the market.  But why not check out the Boogie Board too?  This LCD Writing Tablet is great for the writer in you – or, just the person who wants to get really organized or investigate their art talent a bit.  Make your shopping list; create a fun doodle, but look impressive while in a meeting; do something fun with your fingernail – the Boogie Board gives you all those possibilities. 

Save the Environment with the Boogie Board

The Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet is the 21st century’s answer to putting pen to paper while saving the environment.  You can jot down your drawings, or your thoughts and, when you’re done with them, get rid of them with the touch of a button so you don’t have to waste any paper!  As well, the internal batteries have a long life – up to 50,000 erases!  The Tablet is very portable as it only weighs in at 4.2 ounces.  It comes with a durable plastic case and screen, protecting it during transit.  And it won’t break the bank either, retailing at less than $40.


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