Samsung Focus Flash

After all the hype of the iPhone, PC makers tried to come up with a competitor.  It seemed that it was unsuccessful.  The first Windows Phone just didn’t really do it for the consumer.  But now – with the launch of the Samsung Focus Flash – all that might be about to change and there could actually be some real competition to the iPhone that keeps on increasing in popularity. Let’s have a look at what it can do.  

Well, first off, it runs way better on the second generation of WP handsets.  Second, financially it makes a lot of sense as for what it gives out, the price is great.  It also feels good in your hand (not as slim-line as the iPhone line but way less chunky than its predecessor).  It boasts an attractive 3.7 inch vibrant screen with a front-facing camera.  The software comes with an Internet sharing on/off setting.  And the quality of the call is pretty impressive too.

It’s not all perfect though and it seems it has a few issues that still need to be ironed out.    Its touch actions require more accuracy and at times its screen does not register quickly enough. Typing on it can be tough as it is very narrow.  And the camera isn’t exactly anything to shout about vis-à-vis quality. 

But having said all of that, for those looking for a relatively top technological phone with all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the price, the Samsung Focus Flash isn’t a bad choice.

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