You’re In with the New App from Bing

Bing wants to make sure that you’re always “in” and you’ll feel like you are with their new app.  The latest release from Bing is a location-based app called “We’re In” and it lets you orchestrate get-togethers and set up meeting times and locations with others.  It’s a new Windows Phone app that works as follows.

Using your phone number, you sign up and then invite friends from your contacts to the invite you’ve created. You can share location information and tell people what the plan is, and when the event ends.  Your friends will get a text from you with the details.  They can then either use the app to join in or, if they don’t have a Windows Phone, they can join from a mobile website link from your invite.

When the invite is over, you won’t have to do anything.  The invite expires on its own and the location sharing stops.

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