Apple iCloud News

Although Apple announced its new iCloud product back in June, the price details were only recently revealed making it newsworthy once more as service details are being explained again.


To understand the basics you need to know the following: Apple’s iCloud is not intended as a replacement for local data storage on iPads or iPhones, but rather attempts to keep all of one’s data stored on any Apple/PC device in sync with each other.  What does that mean for the lay individual?  When preparing a document in Word on your computer, it will be immediately available for editing on the iPhone or another PC.  You will no longer need to email the file to yourself or use a USB stick; it will all be everywhere you want it.  In addition, the device will remember all your settings, apps, home screen layouts etc. That means that any upgrade you do will not impact information accessibility.


The iCloud is good for anyone who has many iOS devices since they will no longer have to spend time moving data around all their devices.  Expect the device to be available sometime in the fall.


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