Robo Cleaner Gift for Couch Potatoes

For anyone who hates doing the vacuuming and would rather sit on the couch watching TV, the Neato Robot Cleaner would probably be a dream come true.  The question on every lazy boy’s lips remains, can one actually claim to have done the cleaning while perched on their behind?  Apparently thanks to this new gadget, that is exactly what one can claim.

While it’s true that the concept of the robo cleaner is not new, this particular gadget – and its efficiency – does seem to have a larger skill-set.  It has a plan. It begins by scanning the entire layout of your home and then gets on with its work.  Fitted with special sensors, it has the capacity to clean up the edges then the main part and then scoots along back to its base for a recharging.

What else is particularly cool about the Neato is its ability to adjust to new situations.  For example, if you happen to put something new in the room while it is going about its work, it is able to carry on without causing havoc. In other words, it is not at all disturbed by something new happening.

So the question the critics are probably asking, is, is there anything the Neato is not capable of doing when it comes to cleaning your home?  The answer is, yes.  It doesn’t seem to be able to get into very tight corners but for someone who’s not a total perfectionist or suffering from OCD it definitely seems more than adequate as it can still cover the majority of other small areas.  Check out for prices and other details of the whizz that lets you sit back and have your home cleaned sans the annoyance of a real person assisting you.

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