Stepping Up Your Workout Digitally

While of course you still have to put the work in to get fit, with new digital gadgets and gizmos all the time things are getting easier.  Here, we take a  look at a few examples.

The Virtual Coach

Yes that’s right.  No longer will you have to spend $$$s on a personal trainer, thanks to the NordicTrack Fusion CST with iFit for just $1,599 (plus $39 monthly subscription).  And if one day you really feel you can’t make it, you can control the times you do it. Featuring built-in iFit Coach technology and seven levels of fitness it also comes with prerecorded instructor-led routines and a whole lot more.

Group Fitness

Don’t want to go to that fitness class but know that you’ll benefit from it ultimately?  Problem solved.  With the Flywheel Fly Anywhere Bike you can now be in a class without actually showing up. Get on to your bike and enjoy live and on-demand rides with Flywheel’s Energy Bunny instructor.  With 42 nationwide studios you can also join the actual group if you want.  And, everyone has the ability to select their preferred streaming method.

Artificial Intelligence

True you can ask Siri or Alexa what song is good for a workout routine or how many  minutes you have been doing sit-ups, but how about asking for directional assistance within the actual exercise in which you are engaged?  With Vi Headphones (retailing at a mere $99 from Amazon), notes are taken; movements are recorded and feedback provided to really fine-tune your exercise.  Log your specifics (how long something took or how you felt) and then Vi will assist you even further.


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