New Year Resolution Gadgets

Now that we are already a few weeks into the New Year, it might be worth reflecting on how the resolutions we made over the New Year are going.  First, it is important to assess whether these were realistic or not.  Second, we can look at what accounting systems we have put in place for this and third, we can “cheat” a little and see what gadgets are out there this year in 2018 to help us.

Fitness trackers can be a good start.  In the form of sporty smartwatches, or pedometers are a good way to stay on track and reach exercise targets.  Next, a smart scale will help with really ensuring you are eating what you think you’re eating.  All too often we assume we are eating healthily or dieting when in actual fact we’re eating way more than we meant to.  Electronic food diaries can really help with this as well.

What about eliminating bad habits?  Pavlok – the wearable which delivers an electric shock from 50 to 500 volts – pledges to do this.   For a mere $179.97 it even claims to help you break your addiction to heroin.  Hopefully you won’t need to try this as it’s just minor resolutions you committed to on January 1, 2018!

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