Starting Your Car with a USB Port

technologyHow many times have you gotten to your car and found the battery dead?  And there’s no one around to help you jump it?  And it’s late and you just want to get home?  Well, that problem could soon be a thing of the past.  A 12000mAh battery with 600A peak output from Nekteck, prices start at $49.99 (using a $30 off Amazon coupon code).

It has the capacity to jump start both a 3L diesel and a 5L gas engine, up to 12 times on just one charge! It also comes with two USB ports that can be used to charge other gadgets.  Featuring an LED flashlight, a 12V charger, a MicroUSB cable, and jumper cables that plug into the power bank, it seems like Nekteck have thought of everything.  For those moments when you’re in the dark trying to deal with a dead battery, the flashlight is particularly welcome.

Coming with a full year guarantee and getting a 4.9 star rating, what more is there to be said?

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