Outlet Speaker

The Outlet Speaker – manufactured by bēm wireless – was recently released.  This extremely powerful mobile Bluetooth speaker can plug directly into any outlet.  Since it is very small (company marketers liken it to that of a juice box), it only adds to any décor as opposed to subtracting from it.  Despite its minimalism, this does not take away from its capacity to deliver crystal clear sound.  As company Marketing and Product Development Director, Bryan Katzel explains, “our thought behind the outlet speaker is to enhance the consumer’s everyday life. We believe big sound doesn’t necessarily need to come from a big speaker. The beauty behind the outlet speaker is in its simplicity. Plug it in while cooking dinner without taking up any counter space, stick it in an outlet behind your desk at work to hear your favorite tunes to spark your creativity, or tuck it behind the living room couch to fill your home with great music.”

The Outlet Speaker comprises: wireless range up to 25 feet; built-in USB port; Aux In and Aux Out and retails at $99.99.

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