iCrayon Touch Stylus

Get creative with your iPhone, iPad (or Android device) with the iCrayon Touch Stylus. This hi-tech device also safeguards against dirty fingerprints impacting on the screen device, simultaneously acting as the perfect touch-typing tool.  One can even use the tool when their fingers are clad in gloves!  And for wannabe Van Gogh’s who love to draw, the iCrayon is both child-friendly and hi-tech, making it the perfect tool for the whole family.

For those adults who miss their childhood creative years, the iCrayon is the perfect solution.  In its design it is old-school design, but in its technology, it is extremely modern. For creating apps and games and letting your kids draw a house, stick-man and more, it can do it all.  it is also a great business tool; next time you need to do a presentation, use it for an added boost. It certainly will keep the audience awake when they see you “drawing” with a “crayon”!

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