Heat Sensitive iPhone 4/4S Backing

For anyone who wants to see a cool color change on their iPhone, the heat sensitive iPhone 4/4S Backing will make the perfect gift.  Fitting a self-adhesive laser cut on to the back of the phone causes it to change colors from 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or just below body temperature.  Since it is particularly thin, it can fit comfortably under any bumper one is already using for their phone.  The backing changes color from heat from one’s hands, pocket, etc.  It even changes colors and reveals outlines from its inner components while you’re doing something else with the phone like surfing, listening to music or even on a call.

It really is pretty cool.  Check it out on YouTube to see just how you can impress your friends with your cool new tool and how much you can enjoy it yourself as well.  Colors it goes from are black (cold), red, yellow green and then deep blue (when it’s really hot).

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