Tech gadgets for an Imaginative Christmas!

3doodler-xlIf one didn’t get the gifts they craved over the Thanksgiving-Black Friday break, Christmas is just around the corner.  This is the perfect time to get (or receive) your favorite tech gadgets.  For anyone who wants to bring a bit of imagination into Christmas, the 3Doodler makes the perfect gift.

The first ever 3D Printing Pen, the 3Doodler enables the user to draw on air or surfaces.  Small and easy to use, it doesn’t need anything other than a power socket. Lift your “pen” off the paper and see your drawing become a 3D object.  There is no learning curve since anyone who can scribble can use a 3Doodler!  Immediately trace your favorite objects on paper and soon enough you’ll be creating even more detailed objects.  This is a great way of either expanding your artistic abilities or learning them. For when you’ve had enough of sitting around on Christmas day, get creative with this cool tech gadget.

You can start with flat forms and peel off a piece of paper or create freestyle 3D objects.  There are many creative opportunities for anyone who enjoys a bit of art. Start with basic 3D shapes and then move on to 3D models, jewelry, pendants, decorative magnets, and more.  Indeed, you can even use it to make a Christmas gift for next year for the one who gave you the 3Doodler. The possibilities are endless and it’s a great way for kids with concentration issues to really get to grips with something new and different and focus their minds on their creative capacities.

For those who like to fix things, the 3Doodler can be used for small repair work. 3Doodler “stencils” can be used to create cool objects too through the stencil kits that are available online. Print them out, and then 3Doodle each part according to the stencil and then join them with your 3Doodler. Soon enough 3Doodle will come out with tons of different ones for download free usage.

Ultimately the 3Doodler is a great way to spend Christmas and beyond.

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