Mice Ward Off Sweaty Palms

For anyone who has ever felt that their hands were getting too sweaty from using their computer mouse too long, they will love the USB OptiWind Mouse. Priced at $22 and manufactured by Brando, this mouse that comes with a built-in cooling fan emits a soft breeze that reduces palm sweating through its 28 CFM airflow, rotating at approximately 1500 rpm. Fitted with a whole slew of ventilation holes, when ignited the inside fan can be seen running and a slight and a low audible hum can be heard. Other than that, it is known as being “as quiet as a mouse.” In addition, the fan can work for around 20,000 hours at a time.

The USB OptiWind Mouse has an on/off switch so the fan can be powered down when one’s hands are no longer sweaty and on, when they are.  While at first sight it looks like any other product of its genre, when one sees the cooling fan, one realizes it is quite different.  It has an 800 dpi optical sensor connected to a host computer through a 1.2 meter USB 2.0 cable.  It can be used with most operating systems including here Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

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