IBM Predictions

Air-breathing-batteriesThey may seem unrealistic and far-fetched, but IBM predicts that within the next five years, these four technology inventions will have a significant impact on people’s daily lives:

• 3D communication
• Air-breathing batteries
• Personalized commutes
• City-energizing computers

Many companies are working on developing a 3D interface that does not require glasses. This technology will undoubtedly be used in holographic chats and 3D telepresence. Batteries will use air instead of using lithium and iron. If this is indeed a successful enterprise, batteries will be lighter, more effective and at least ten times as strong. It may be difficult to picture, but many researchers are working on ways to eliminate traffic and crowded public transportation. Lastly, experts are working on ways to capture the heat and energy which is emitted on a daily basis in data centers and computer-filled offices. The energy will then be used to do things like heat buildings and power air-conditioning.

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