Finding Love in New York

If you go to New York, or if you are privileged enough to be a resident of the city that never sleeps, you’ll probably find at least one thing to fall in love with.  But how easy is it to find one person with whom to fall in love?  Janis Spindel and Richard Easton might know a thing or two about that.  Richard Easton Matchmaker and Samantha Table could well have an understanding of today’s dating scene in New York and how difficult it can be. Whether you are a busy, successful executive who simply does not have the time to check out all the single haunts The Big Apple has to offer, or a high-class individual who has no desire at all to be hanging around waiting for the perfect match, you might want to take a look at some of the Samantha Daniels Statistics and Richard Easton Matchmaker Reviews.  In the meantime though – so that you enjoy the time you have left before meeting your perfect beau – how can you milk the city for the most fun?

Good and Bad of The Big Apple

Remember that there is both good and bad in New York. So if you want to have some real fun, observe the crazy chaos of the city, and take a walk to enjoy the tranquility of one of the beautiful parks.  Soon you will be able to benefit from the new law about to be put in place on May 23 that will prohibit smoking in the city’s parks and beaches.  The Bill – signed by Mayor Bloomberg – aims to “welcome the chance to improve the beauty of the city’s public outdoor spaces, and ensure an even healthier and cleaner experience for New Yorkers.”

So next time you want to go on a walking date at Times Square or Herald Square, you don’t have to worry about smoke blowing into you or your date’s face.  You can enjoy each other smoke free!  In addition, if you are more into finding a fun, exciting place to take your date to, check out all the tourist spots that never get old, such as the Brooklyn Bridge or Empire State Building.  You never know what could happen atop one of those – they have been known for some quite interesting proposal stories!


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