Coffee Goes Hi-Tech!

coffeeEspresso machines are not new. But they are becoming increasingly hi-tech. The Linea Mini is a home model of La Marzocco’s line. La Marzocco has traditionally been known as an excellent commercial coffee maker but now the company is moving into the home kitchen.

It’s not so cheap however. One may not want to spend all that money on a personal kitchen appliance. But it could be a great compromise for the office. Retailing at $4,495, its features include: auto-volumetric, pre-infusions and pressure modeling, rendering possibly the perfect cup of coffee.

It seems though that this might be a little pricey and may beg the question, why does one need something so fancy when a standard milk steamer does pretty much the same thing? Unless of course, it’s just for the La Marzocco name.




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