Back to School with the Powerbag

Kids who are going back to school might not necessarily be interested in shopping for a regular backpack ahead of time.  That seems passé. What is in though these days is the Powerbag.  Since around 70 percent of students today no longer need huge orthopedic backpacks filled with stacks of heavy books, a different kind of bag is needed. Students are much more likely to need a bag that is appropriate for their laptops, tablets and smartphones.  In other words, a bag with a built-in battery system, such as the Powerbag.  With this built-in system, one can easily charge their devices anywhere, anytime.  Right now it doesn’t have the capacity to charge laptops, but it does have a compartment through which to carefully stow one.  They are able to charge up to four devices at once through the fūl charging system.  Cables for micro- and mini-USB devices; an Apple connector an a USB port for any other USB-powered device are included.  They can be purchased for $140+ with a choice of five different styles.  Select either 3000 mAh or 6000 mAh batteries.

The Fūl system automatically senses which devices are plugged in and will send even amounts of power to each device, ensuring everything gets its fair share of juice. To charge the bag, you simply plug it into the wall. While there have been batteries in bags until now, the Powerbag is extremely thin and light and thus much more appealing to those looking for these kind of bags.

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