Top Five Cable Shows Attract Millions of Viewers

For the best in television entertainment more and more people each year are turning to cable networks, leaving the broadcast networks scrambling to put together shows that can compete. What follows is a list of the top five cable shows which attract the most viewers.

5. Walking Dead can be seen on the AMC cable network, and it has succeeded to attract 6.64 million viewers for some thrilling post-apocalypse drama.
4. Covert Affairs is followed by over 7 million viewers each week who turn to the USA cable channel for a bit of drama, mystery and suspense.
3. Royal Pains attracts 7.33 million total viewers following the lives of the rich and unhealthy in the Hamptons. This dramatic, depiction of what is called ‘concierge medicine’ shows on the USA channel.
2. Eight million, three hundred and thirty-three thousand viewers come to see the exploits of The Closer, a crime drama about a police detective from Georgia who comes to Los Angeles to lead the Priority Murder Squad. TNT brings this one to life.
1. Just one quarter of a million viewers less than nine million watch the fabulously popular Rizzoli and Isles. Catch this crime drama based on the book series on TNT cable network.

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