For Real Entertainment You Simply Need Cable

Burn-NoticeBroadcast networks these days are having a hard time finding the hits they need to stay afloat, but the cable networks seem to have the secret recipe. Today viewers must turn to cable for the quality entertainment they seek.

The following are the top top cable shows, in two installments from tenth to first place in number of viewers.

10. The Deadliest Catch can be seen on the Discovery Channel. If you choose to watch you will be one among 5.28 million viewers.

9. White Collar is a popular show which can be seen on the USA cable network. Join 5.38 million loyal viewers for some top-notch entertainment.

8. Pawn Stars is a favorite of 5.53 million enthralled watchers who turn to the History Channel for this fabulous show.

7. Jersey Shore gets almost 6 million viewers on their MTV home base.

6. Burn Notice is a spy show attracting 6.59 million people each week to the USA cable station.

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