Chinese Technology May Solve Uranium Shortage Issue

China is one of the world’s largest energy consumers. They have found a way to give back by possibly beginning a technological revolution. They are developing a new technology which can reprocess spent nuclear fuel and is able to extend uranium’s usage by at least sixty times. This breakthrough may solve the problem of its short supply.

The technology was developed by the No. 404 factory under the CNNC. With use of the new tool, the country’s current detected uranium resources can last for 3,000 years, according to China Central Television.

“We’re among the few countries that can implement the recycling of nuclear fuel. As such, we, to some extent, lead the world in this field,” said Sun Qin, general manager of CNNC. Lin Boqiang, director of the China Center for Energy Economics Research, said “China has invested heavily in uranium exploration know-how and recycling technology to meet the nation’s burgeoning needs and increase the ratio of nuclear energy in the total energy consumption mix.” He added that the technology and recycling are both at a very early stage.

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