Over 8 Million Xbox Kinects Sold in 60 Days

The Xbox Kinect’s success exceeded even Microsoft Corp’s expectations. In the first sixty days following the launch, over 8 million of the game systems were sold, flying past the company’s original goal of 5 million.

The competing ‘Move’ sold 4.1 million units in its first two months. The device, created by Sony Corp, is similar to the Kinect in that it tracks the body movements of the player. ‘Move,’ however, is a wand-like device that users must hold in order to control the on-screen game.  This device costs fifty dollars for the controller, or $400 with a PlayStation 3.

The Kinect is being sold for $150, or $300 with a 4GB Xbox console. Gamers using a Kinect unit do not need to hold anything, as their movements are translated directly by the device.

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