Digitizing the Home

Everything else seems to be digital these days – from dating to entertainment – so why not digitize the kitchen too? Well, thanks to the Digital Spoon Measure now you can.  This new gadget will help even the most beginner of wanna-be gourmet chefs to get it perfectly right… vis-à-vis ingredient measurements at least anyway.

And for the intermediate cook, they too can benefit from this device.  No longer will one have to “guestimate” a tablespoon measurement; one of the two scoop spoons will get it just right every time.  Run on two AAA batteries, this relatively cheap £19.99 ($32) device can accurately measure anything: from liquids to powders and granules to gels.  The cool digital readout on the scoop’s handle will let you know of the exact weight so you can say bye-bye to your old, annoying scales.  Welcome to 21st century baking, chefs and wanna-be cooks.

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