iPhone 4S Revolution

So what more could the latest model of iPhone possibly offer?  Is it going to make the tea for you, or better still, go on a weight-loss program so you can continue your couch-potato activities while getting thin?  Well, not quite, but apparently, according to those in the know, the iPhone 4S does have something new that its predecessors were unable to offer. 


Firstly, the new phone has a great camera and secondly, it has the capacity to operate no matter where you are in the world, boasting tremendous reception.  The iPhone 4S can do this by using smart antennas…actually two of them, one to receive and one to send, according to Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing guru.  Try though they did, the engineers working on the previous model were unable to develop such a successful antenna scheme.  But this time, a special device is being put in place that has the capacity to send and receive different types of signals and not interfere with each other and those working on the antennas have a lot of different ideas to ensure the problems incurred with the last model won’t happen now.

It’s not a done deal though.  There are still various obstacles to overcome before all the problems are solved.  Because of the smallness of cellphones, it is hard to place two antennas so far away from each other, but when they are so close together, there is the issue of them interfering with each other.


Still, moving on to other features of the new phone, is the camera.  This is 8 mega pixel which has a way better sensitivity light sensor and a much better lens quality.  In addition, the camera responds much faster so once you’ve decided you want to take a picture, you don’t have that delay.  And on this new model, the video capture has been upgraded to 1080p HD which will lead to a better quality of video too.

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