Top Widgets for Android

widgets-for-androidThere are many new widgets for Android entering the market.  The latest free widgets for Android that are becoming increasingly popular amongst cellphone users include the dictionary; Evernote; Shazam and Flixter.  The Dictionary is a fun widget for those who see themselves as big word buffs who always want to learn more.  Look up words that confuse you and get a new word of the day with which you are probably unfamiliar.  The Evernote widget for Android – while needing to be downloaded separately – gives the user access to their notes outside the app.  Choose from three different sizes; scroll through lists; check notes; create text; and instantly take audio notes. With the Shazam free widget for Android, when the user hears their favorite song on the music, the widget can be used to identify it.  It is the same size as an app icon, enabling versatile home screen placement. Finally with the Flixster free widget for Android one can facilitate access to the Rotten Tomatoes score of any movie.  Buy tickets, read reviews or search for theaters nearby where the movie is playing.

There are many great widgets for Android that are constantly being developed – some are free; some are $0.99 and others are a little pricier.  Be sure to keep checking for new updates.

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