Wireless Toothbrushing?

toothbrushOr something like that. For those who are addicted to their mobile devices and cannot possibly be disconnected for even the two minutes Colgate recommends adults brush their teeth for, help is at hand. Sunstar Inc. just created a device that can be attached to a standard toothbrush that will enable the brusher to continue listening to their favorite music or hearing the scores from the latest football game.

Aptly named G.U.M Play, this device is set to hit the stores in Spring of 2016. It will come with motion sensors and its goal is to make teeth brushing “more enjoyable.” It can be used as a joystick for playing games while brushing too. As well as making the experience fun, it can help in the enhancement of better teeth brushing since the sensors will be able to log brushing habits on smartphones. This will give the brusher tips on whether they are brushing too hard or too soft or are spending too long on one area and not enough on another.

G.U.M Play is to be used will Sunstar’s smartphone applications and connected to Bluetooth technology. Price and release date have yet to be announced.

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