Top Scuba Gear


If you are into scuba diving at all, you might be interested in purchasing the Oceanic Worldwide Sport Rebreather.  At one point this kind of clothing was mainly used exclusively by military, scientific and other professional-based divers. But today, even those who like to do a bit of diving for the pure pleasure and fun of it might find some benefit from this purchase.  It makes sense as it is incredibly quiet and has no bubbles.  The way it does this is through recycling the diver’s breathing gas via a scrubber which eliminates carbon dioxide.  This allows for longer bottom times.  As well, there is a pre-packed scrubber cartridge inside so the user does not need to add their own soda lime.  It is operated via Nitrox which is a sophisticated air mixture that should be used for dives of between 100 and 130 feet deep.  Pricing is $5,500 for this unit that weighs around 35 pounds.

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