Technology in the Classroom: Standing Desks, NetSpark and More

Today, with technology what it is and every child sitting at a computer screen whenever he wants to, it’s more important than ever to think about how we use technology in the classroom. Here are a few suggestions for parents, teachers and counselors that could help to create and shape a healthy learning environment.

1. Most classrooms use frontal learning where children stay in their seats most of the day and listen to a lecture or other activity in the front of the room. Even with the advent of computer screens, most kids are still at their desks most of the day. One important idea that could help children is the standing desk. With a standing desk, kids can at least get more circulation into their legs and also burn off some of their extra energy.

2. Schools should certainly have some type of tool to limit what students can find on the internet. A company like NetSpark, for instance, has web filtering tools that protect children from inappropriate content while still allowing for access to research and various websites. Such controls are an important part of any school’s technology plan.

3. Children should continue receiving plenty of time for fresh air and exercise. Just because they can now sit all day on computers and look at phones does not mean that they should be in their seats all the time. Teachers and educators need to make sure that they have plenty of time for outdoor activities and for physical activities.

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