See More Media Genetically Modifying Trees?

An American organization called the Institute of Forest Biotechnology has started a great number of discussions regarding genetically modified trees. By altering the trees’ DNA patterns, people will be able to create trees that are stronger, more fruitful, and more resistant to diseases, insects and changes in climate. Members of the organization believe that the modification of trees could lead to better, stronger lumber and alternative fuel sources, as well as aid the environment in general, as trees absorb carbon and provide habitats for wildlife.

Steven Strauss, a professor of forest biotechnology at Oregon State University, stated that “biotech trees, in my view, are a very powerful tool. It’s something that we’d like to have available, but it’s something that we’d like to use properly.”
Other environmentalist organizations have a more cautious approach to the idea. “We think there’s been a tendency to introduce these things before they have actually identified all the potential problems,” said John Bennet, the executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada.

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