Quad Lock Case

Of course, it used to be the case that you couldn’t possibly even exist without an iPhone.  Now it’s gotten even more serious; it seems you have to have quite the right mounting system for the phone as well. One of the latest, most popular ones is the Quad Lock Case, rumored to be the ultimate.  Manufactured by Annex Products, it is an extremely safe way of mounting the phone on pretty much any surface making it very convenient for all iPhone users, irrespective of how it is sitting – vertically or horizontally placed.  This way it is easy to view photos, watch movies and read emails without needing your hands.

The case is also extremely protective and great for everyday use. Slim in design, simple in beauty and extremely practical, the Quad Lock Case Mount also has a holder that is built-in.  So for safety, simplicity, attractiveness and ease this case will make a great Christmas gift to the guy who seems to have way too many gadgets already anyway.

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