Make Christmas Merry with the Magic Wand Remote

It is true that you probably do not actually need the Magic Wand Remote.  But if you want to make the Christmas season that bit merrier then you might find this new funky device actually a rather good idea.  It has the capacity to memorize 13 commands that can be taken from the remote you’ve already been using as well as recording shows and changing channels.  As well, it can work with any other infrared device you won.  No one else will be able to use it; it will become personally designed for you.  This will render all Magic Wand Remote owners the magician and controller of their own personalized multimedia empire!  And no need to worry about the battery life – the device vibrates when low on power, reminding you it’s time for a battery change and turns itself off after 60 seconds of inactivity guarding against battery wasting.

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