Get Rid of That Caller!


What are you supposed to do when someone is bending your ear about something on the phone and – for the life of you – you cannot think of a good way to get rid of them?  Thanks to the Gotta-Go! Machine now you don’t have to endure this problem.  The next time your mother-in-law is on the phone just set one of the ten different sounds that provide great, believable reasons why you simply must get off the phone immediately.

Or, just as you’re about to settle in for a comfortable night with the girlfriend, you pick up the phone and someone is convincingly trying to sell you a different phone plan.  Try as you might, you simply cannot think of anything to say to get them off the phone.  Well, the machine will come to rescue again.

This machine has 10 pre-recorded messages: other phone ringing; doorbell; baby crying; static; dog barking; traffic; siren; smoke alarm; female/male calling.  No longer will you have to think of an excuse – the machine will do it for you!

Currently retailing at a great price offering top service in Australia!

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