iPhone Widgets?

widgetsIt seems that the new iPhone – the iPhone 6 – is finally going to be featuring widgets.  Up until now iPhone widgets haven’t been in the picture and these smartphones have been widget-less as it were.   Now though things are about to change and iPhone widgets are going to be something of the future.  In addition, it is anticipated that the new iPhone will come with an edge-to-edge display and be twice as fast as the Galaxy S4.   What has been exciting for widget and iPhone lovers is that the new model will come with fully-functional potential for iPhone widgets.

What has been happening is that there has been a significant overhaul on Apple’s iOS 7.  This has resulted in the potential for iPhone widgets on both the 6 model and the 5S, to be found on the smartphone’s home screen.   The concept was developed by SimplyZesty to make iPhone widgets a possibility.  The redesigned iOS is compatible with Jony Ive’s vision – Chief Designer at Apple – who bases his designs on being as “uncluttered” and “flat” as possible.

It seems that for a long while, iPhone widgets have been on the wishlist of Apple fans.  But once the iOS 7 is unveiled, this dream will become a reality.

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