iPhone App News: File Management

iPhone-appsWhile the iZip Pro retails at $6.99, a couple of weeks ago it was free for the day! Still, for those who missed out on the 12 May freebie, the price is low enough to enjoy some great features. Rated the Number 1 iPhone App for ZIP file management, it boasts a variety of useful features: file compression to ZIP, photo/video compression from camera roll, song compression and download/upload iTunes, open and extract files from ZIP format, append files to ZIP file, send files via email, save images to photo album, share photos through social media, open file in another app, and more.
For those looking for something a bit cheaper, there is the GoodReader 4. Developed by Good. iWare and retailing at $4.99, it was described by 148app.com as being “the best all-purpose app on iOS, and a must-have utility.” One can open PDFs from this app, create PDFs, manage pages, open ZIP files, and more. It also features a browser that can download files. It connects to cloud services and FTP servers and has been described as “the be-all end-all of file management apps on iOS.”
So it is probably worth taking a glance at reviews of a few file management apps, comparing prices and looking for special deals before purchasing.

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