Coolest New Gadgets for the Home

goji-smart-lockSmart hardware is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. It is totally enhancing the way we see and use gadgets for the home. Indeed, our homes are slowly becoming more integrated, secure and productive.

One recent example of this is the Goji Smart Lock. Created by Bilet Inc., this enables users to have total control over security and accessibility in their homes, irrespective of how far from home they are. It is used via its smartphone app. It works by the addition of an LED display that provides lock status notifications, personalized name greetings, and a log of all entries and exits directly accessible via smartphones. Additional security comes with the Picture Alert feature so that the user can see anyone who is at their door, check notification and remotely unlock the door. Electronic keys can be sent via smartphone to friends and families (either permanent or temporarily programmed).

The Goji Smart Lock gadget could become one of the necessary items for making one’s home into a smart home. To date, investors have put a staggering $300,000 into its development, when a fundraising effort was made through Indiegogo.

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