Are Angry Birds Getting Angrier?

There is a new version of Angry Birds.  But this time it’s not exclusively for the iPhone.  It’s getting bigger (and potentially angrier?) and has now made its way to the web; a promotion of Wonderful Pistachios, a nut-producing company in California. But it remains free. 

Chrome Marketing

The new Angry Birds game is in some way going to be used as a marketing tool for the Google Chrome web browser, since, trying it on other browsers or phones will not work.  According to Marc Seguin, senior director for Wonderful Pistachios North America, the company is looking forward to giving its customers the snacks they want while “feed[ing] the frenzy for new Angry Birds content.”  As well, players who play the game with others on social networks or manage to find some of the hidden “Golden Pistachios” at higher levels can thereafter qualify for part of a $300,000 prize pool.  The prizes comprise money, toys from Angry Birds and a year’s supply of Wonderful Pistachios.

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