Travel with a Smart Suitcase this Summer

Going on vacation in the summer? What are the plans for transporting clothing and accessories?  It seems that in a world in which everything is smart, surely luggage should not be relegated to some third world option.

Now it no longer has to be.  Thanks to the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase, one can travel smart as well. Featuring a built-in GPS that can be tracked anywhere around the world, one need not be too worried about lost luggage – an all too-regular occurrence these days with interconnecting flights.

The technology can be controlled by a mobile app and there are no worries about the phone running out of battery power as the smart suitcase also features a built-in power bank that can charge phones up to six times.  As well, the built-in scale ensures the contents of your luggage are not overweight and a digital lock that deters thieves.

Of course, it’s also a great suitcase and has easy access to belongings as well as a section that is perfect for laptops.  For around $399 the Bluesmart case is not a bad price for peace of mind!

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