The Victorinox SSD

Unveiled at the recent CES, the Victorinox has brought a whole new understanding to Swiss Army Knives.  Not content with just being a really tough, stay-away-from-me knife, it now has 21st century technology embedded into it as well.  The Victorinox SSD has a USB 3.0-capable SSD and capacities of up to 1TB.  So if you need a ton of data for your camping experience, this is the Swiss Army Knife you should be taking along.  For those for whom size is important though, they might not want to purchase it as it is boasting its smallness.

The cool gadget also comes with a 96 x 48 Bi-Stable monochrome graphic display that tracks what it has inside and users can enjoy 220 MB/s read and 150 MB/s write speeds.  For those interested in the device, it can be purchased in either 64, 128 or 256GB sizes.

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