The iWatch

Next month sees the beginning of sales for Apple’s iWatch. The claim is that the watch is able to keep accurate time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. Of course, however, it wouldn’t be an Apple product without a whole slew of bells and whistles as well though.

First, there is the visual. Users can customize the watch’s face to present time in a more personalized way, in line with their life and schedule. Second, communication is facilitated. And there is a physical sensation one experiences when a message comes in – like a gentle tap. One can also connect to their friends spontaneously with a tap, sketch or even a heartbeat!

One is alerted by three rings on the activity app to show one’s daily progress and motivates them to get up and move around! As an advanced sports watch it gives the user real-time stats for most popular workouts too.

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