Quality Headphones

There are so many opportunities these days for headphones that it’s important to get not only good ones but actually great ones. Between podcasts and fitness playlists; silent discos and Spotify, many people find themselves connected wire-ly. Sometimes people just want silence and for there are even headphones for that!

Since everyone was created differently, “great” means different things for different people.  And it also depends what one is using headphones for.  So it’s quite the complicated navigation! Herewith a brief guide to what is currently available in today’s market.

First, check out Sony. Having been in the sound industry since 1946 and made the first ever tape recorder, it’s a force to be reckoned with.  With its updated new WH-1000XM2(based on its original MDR-1000X) there is now increased battery life (up to 30 hours!!!!) and more control over audio settings through a companion app. If you do find 30 hours isn’t long enough that’s okay too as its Quick Charge mode gives an additional 1 hour after charging and only takes 10 minutes.

Then there are the wireless headphones that come with a built-in amp.  With its Satellite debuted at least year’s CES, Blue has slowly come into the headphone market with quite a bash. The disadvantage of the cool built-in amp feature is the bulkiness but they still work without recharge for a whole workday. And audio is great.

Others to check out include: Studio3, Apple’s W1 processor, MW60 and the Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC


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