Profiting From Old Gadgets

When gadget-lovers feel the need to replace their technological toys with the latest and newest versions, perhaps their non-gadget lover partners or friends feel that a lot of money has been going to waste.  Well, this need not necessarily be the case anymore.  It seems that iReTron – a website set up by a 15-year-old high school kid – will enable these people to sell their secondary gadgets for some real money.  Indeed, a classic iPod could retail for around $45 and a Blackberry Torch, for $88.

Jason Li from   was perturbed upon learning of the hazards of electronic waste in his world geography class as they want to upgrade the whole time.  He feels that with his website, everyone will gain.  It’s fine that people want to upgrade, but as a way of not causing too much electronic waste, his website will solve it.  By purchasing used electronics, modifying and then reselling them (as other websites already do), consumers have a win-win.

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