New Virtual Security Software Launched

The Conley Group security company has launched a brand new technology that will replace security guards. Tom Conley, the director, believes the new technology will revolutionize the security business throughout the world. “It’s that real time, that actionable aspect of remote viewing that really makes a difference. It’s not just observing but really being able to affect change in a positive manner at a remote location,” he said. He added that this idea will give Iowa company-owners better security, for half the cost. “The fundamental problem is that traditional guards really don’t add much value; they’re untrained, underpaid in a highly unregulated industry.”

Conley explained that the technology will link to security systems within buildings, construction sites and anywhere else, through the internet. Once linked, a Conley Group worker can watch the area, talk to people through an intercom, and virtually intervene in a threatening situation.

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