New iPad: No iPad 3

As accurately and poignantly pointed out by Tweeter Kris Sanchez, unlike its predecessor that was named iPad 2, “It's not the iPad 3. It's "The New iPad.”  So understandably, the question on gadget gods and goddesses lips is, what gives this version the edge (if indeed an edge – as opposed to great marketing tactics – it has)?

There has been speculation and commentary, as to why the response – both for and against – has seemingly been so radical.  Ultimately, this iPad doesn’t seem all that different to the iPad 2.  Now, when that version came out, there was understandably a big hullabaloo, since it was so much sleeker than its predecessor.  But surely, if Sanchez is anywhere near the ball – and indeed Phil Schiller (the company’s senior VP of international marketing who used the same terminology) – there has to be something worth getting excited about as there apparently was at the new gadget’s recent launch in San Francisco.

New iPad’s New Features

Let’s look at the new features?  First, there is the retina display which has four times the amount of pixels as its predecessor.  Second, there is a really effective camera that one might actually be excited to use for snapping some good shots.  Third, the HD video recording capacity is impressive.  But still, many have complained that it’s all a lot of noise about nothing.

But while Apple says “demand is off the charts,” an article in Techland was written espousing 6 reasons not to buy the “new iPad.” It dismisses retina display; claims that since it’s not an iPad 3 technically, one shouldn’t make the purchase; for those living out of the 4G LTE umbrella, they will only be getting 3G speeds; it’s bigger and heavier than its predecessor; the camera is only 5 megapixel (not 8); and there is no Siri included.   

Still, there must be some reason demand is so high.  Proponents and Apple supporters (who would probably never dismiss an Apple product) argue that the camera is much better on the new iPad than the iPad 2.  But the question others may ask is, is one realistically going to be using such a large machine (so much bigger than a phone or regular camera) to be taking pictures?  Some say, yes they will.  In addition, given that the processor is larger than this iPad’s predecessors, it renders way speedier results.

Ultimately, these might not seem such good reasons not to buy the “new iPad,” but if one cannot find real reasons to buy it (presuming they already have the iPad 2), then it might be worth giving this a miss and saving oneself the $800 price tag.

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