Gizmos and Gadgets for Kids for Christmas

In the 21st century, even children are looking for gizmos and gadgets as their Christmas presents.  This is just the way the world is going – digital – and so gizmos and gadgets are the latest crazes. In this article we take a look at some of the top gizmos and gadgets the kids want.

LeapPad-UltraFirst, there is the Ubooly, the latest fluffy friend for kids. This magic stuffed animal is able to talk and listen.  It can answer questions, read stories, have a chat with the kids, and even suggest creative and fun games to play. It can also be personalized. It becomes “smart” when a device (iPhone, Android etc.) is inserted into the top of its head, and zipped closed. It’s fun and can even teach your child how to improve their tooth-brushing technique.

Another popular gadget is the tablet made with kids in mind.  The LeapPad Ultra is a very kid-friendly 7 inch tablet. Features include: camera, Wi-Fi, app store and a custom browser that “lets only the good things in.”  As well, it has access to 800+ educator-approved apps, eBooks, games and more. So for parents looking to buy their child something fun but also that they can learn from.

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