Get an Older Phone for Better Reception

It seems that if you want a better reception when speaking on your mobile phone, you might want to go back a few models, rather than forward. Normally in gadget news, it’s the newer the better but now a new report from Ofcom has found that for those living in rural areas, actually the older 2G mobile phones provide a better reception than their 3G smart-phone competitors.

Even though you get high-speed networks with the newer phones, the older ones provide for better talking capacity. So if your main priority is the actual phone, you’ll be better off getting the older model. According to the Ofcom report, “in the more rural areas that the phones were tested, entry-level phones generally returned somewhat better performance than smart-phones for call completion and call set-up. This may be due to the reduced complexity of antenna on these devices and 2G phones not having issues in switching between 2G and 3G networks.”

Other Smartphone Issues

In addition, it seems that the access of smart-phones has “turned Britain into a nation of mobile addicts,” with around 60 percent of teens and over a third of adults being “highly addicted” to mobile phone usage, which is also resulting in a less-well-mannered society as these individuals are using their phones during mealtimes as well. And it seems that there are no limits as people are taking their phones into bathrooms too.

So perhaps it is a good thing that reception on the phone isn’t so good. Maybe that will somehow slowly lead to a better-mannered society once again with people using their phones appropriately, rather than abusively.

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