Fly with the Air Hook

model-aircraftLong gone are the days when you had to spend ages fumbling around, fingers and thumbs everywhere to try to get your airplane tray to cooperate while you hooked yourself up to your gadget of choice. Introducing the air hook which is a cup and electronic device holder all rolled into one. Funded by KickStarter and invented by Seattle-based Craig Robinson, it supports all tablets and phones up to 7.5 inches high.

For laptop users, it is also helpful. The air hook can hold the drink while the user plays Candy Crash on their laptop. Simply attach it to your tray table and seat back that are in front of you and you no longer have to touch any of the somewhat-less-than-clean airplane surfaces.

Then just adjust the screen angle with a knob on the side, so even when the person sitting in front of you lies back, you don’t have to stop mid-Candy Crush level!

Anticipated sales begin at the end of 2015 for an early bird price of $29.95.

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